Colorizing History


Art is a way of telling a story going back and forth within a timeline. Teleporting to what is from what was creating loopholes along the way. Some choose to create a past at the present and some strive to take the existent to the pioneers. Some are born with an artistic mind set and some give birth to artistic ways.

There are dozen of blogs on social media these days, some stand out due to their ingenuity and inimitable hues, and some for their specifics that we all use to share our elucidations through as we find them to be reflective of our very own thoughts. Recently, surfing the media for a new insight to follow, we came across a page called “colorizing history.” we are familiar with the work of decolorizing history, as in taking the present-time to the good old times but bringing the color out of the shadow is another level.

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The page is dedicated to show the bygone occurrences in the eyes of today. Some pieces are both of the olden days and the present. One could say it’s a way of preserving history at the same time evolving the ways of passing it on to generations to the advanced sight of the receptors. When we see pictures from the old times, we tend to imagine a colorless epoch. More like we’re bound to.

There’s something a color exposes. In some of the pictures it brings the smiles, the affection and the innocence alive, that one could see only in the eyes. In some it shows the true color of bravery and grace on the face of the royalties, the charm within the tender ladies, the joy in festivity and the actuality of through the period. Only color could bring the true reactions behind the history being told.


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Teka Haile a young art fanatic, Co-Founder, Creative Director at Eerie production loves experimenting on Photoshop and image manipulation. He started working on the series for two years now, as a way of advancing and sharpening his understanding in the area. He says even through the eerie collective they tend to experiment on new ideas and so this falls in his personal interest and also as an outlet of expressionism for eerie. The page is currently run accompanied by Solomon and Gashaye who are graphic designers.


Exclusivity is something to celebrate as it’s not always that we come across one. Through walls full of reposts, to get something stopping us from our continuous act of scrolling is something worth sharing around. Promoting creativity, endorsing the upcoming individuals striving to bring new perspectives to the table is what we stand for.

For more on their works: colorizinghistory


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