The Ethio-Armenian Vahe Tilbian ,Just A Few “Thumbs up” Away To The Radio Van Music Awards.


We’re on entertainment Saturday, hoping you are on a good weekend starter’s pack, we might as well add up some tunes to your days.

Vahe Tilbian is an Ethiopian singer of Armenian descent. A solo artist, a lead singer for the Ethiopian group Zemen Band for 2 years. He worked with well-established Ethiopian singers Zeritu Kebede and Michael Belayneh and the musical group Nubian Arc Band. He also was the backing vocalist as well as an opening act for artists like Ledj Leo, Abby Lakew, Nhatty, Tsedenya Gebremarkos, Eyob Mekonnen, Shewandagn Hailu, as well as artists from other African countries like Oliver Mtukudzi, Vee and Liz Ogumbo when they visited Ethiopia. He released his debut solo album Mixology in 2012. In May 2013, Vahe released a music video for the song “Yene Tizita”, meaning nostalgia or memories, directed and produced by Aramazt Kalayjian and Mulugeta Amaru. This was a new rendition of the old Ethiopian song form.


Vahe was part of the pan-Armenian music formation Genealogy who represented Armenia in Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Face the Shadow” finishing 16th overall. He is known for his style – from rock to techno, reggae to R&B, Armenian to Ethiopian and a lot of Latin Music.

Recently, Vahe was nominated for “Radio Van” peoples alternative “Music Award” with anew Armenian song Mot u Heru Im Hayastan meaning “Far My Armenia” about having 2 homes, being far from one or the other. The “ Radio Van” music awards ceremony has been going on since 2011. Active voting on the project’s site reveals the winner of the month, the same becomes the winner of the people’s voting, and the competition’s jury notes the winners in the special nomination, who take part in a Gala concert. Award “Van Music Awards” presents statue as “like”. All “likes” are created by team of experts-artists, who create handmade prizes, each in its style. Prizes are not repeated and made only ones. Each award encloses official diploma from “Radio Van”.

Though the music is about Armenia, he is mostly known through his awe for his upbringing, safeguarding his cultural marque as an Ethiopian and also Armenian. Continuously on the alleyway to keep the olden times betwixt the two realms alive. Running both cultural pedigrees through his life. And so today, with the weekend groove out and about, why not send the votes in so we could see him all way through the finish line. Last day of voting is December 31st at

Have a great weekend, Thumbs up as you send your votes in.



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