Mind Crop


What is it about crowding along the same road everyone travels by these days?

Individuality was extolled back in the days, one discourses judgements so others could advance their ways through. Back in the good old days, difference was something everyone else got in common. The state of minds was diverse that there was indeed a whole lot of new under the sun. Where people talked louder over the sounds of the crowed so they could be heard clearer, where people mind over matters and matter the minds, closet full of personas, where people sang to their own beats, narrating along the chapters they wrote.

Generation after generation, some kind of mutation must have cut that smugness route for now we all live through some dictum that keeps changing every season and we don’t even know it ,and Individuality has become a disorder.

Education was given so each could apply it through their endowment and congeal their dreams so to make a better yet different world, it was to in fact enlighten them through their own understandings along the worlds, from morality to the very universal science and there was not a limit to how far the learning process goes as long as the individual takes it to its own hands afterwards. Unlike now. Today, we have hundreds of schools if not more, each under competition to bring out the best group of people with their marque on each, making sure they represent the schools, making sure they stay uniform. The students are granted to practice their own freedom, wherein freedom is first defined for them to follow through. The school defines their learning process and progress, extracurricular activities are rare and morality is shoved down the very grounds. This is not to generalize all schools, there are still very few schools that nurture the very quality on an individual.  But most of the schools are private and so they are bound to reflect the image of the founder.

Not only are the schools to take the blame but society along. Again since we have come to the same state of mind, we are bound to grow through the same route as the dead end we all find ourselves in a bit too late to turn back from. There are hardly any students fighting their way to really understand and grow, who are desperate to mark their own steps on the road less traveled by, who celebrate their unique sense. Intellectual mature beings who enjoy what the world has to give through a sensual understanding and not just blind folded walks.

Tenderness, intelligence and philosophies have been run over pointblank. We all live through someone’s way of living in the name of free mind and free fall. Either we are behind the wheels of religions or on a highway of avant-gardism where we stay passengers. Shaming of our own mottos we let others crop our indulgence in a way it fits them best.

Most say it’s a free world now, most enjoy being in the moment and for tomorrow to worry for its own. Most living freely like everyone else. Flashing the “I don’t care” card where they damn right care enough the crowd listens. Pledging themselves as this and that every now and then to catch up to the same crowed they denounced. It’s overwhelming to live through this generation. Begging for an approval showing they are differently the same. Where they are educated to the limits of their desires and not their capability. Where everyone literally enjoys the same thing for the sake of fitting in. A predictable generation.

With all that said, it’s just to point out, for you reader, that to live is to procure, to impart your unique self, to engross your limits, your circle, your stellar existence. To learn to spread on, to propagate, to share.  And most of all, to dye your discrete state of mind. To secure your brand. It’s all about you and the world that is what you make out of it.

If we all come to the same speck of star dust, then it’s inevitable we get to see the same image of the world we live in, and it would only be a matter of time that we all fade off through world-weariness.  We have to say no to the social order to crop our minds through sameness when we hand them to sharpen the edges.

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