Ballad Of The Spirits, On The Train Of Thought


We all travel by the train of thought that life drives honking through the days of our past to the very future we are shot from eternity to discover. Roaming pace after pace, thought after thought. Reminiscence, and hope after hope. Each as independent passengers perhaps thought junkies, on the same venue, the mind.

It’s not every day that we come across capsules preserving the journey. Intact. It’s not always that we come across fellow travelers that think not just outside the box but also to the very corner of the box.

Recently, we were introduced to a short movie titled, “Ballad of the spirits.” A twelve minute and 21seconds of stay, two casts, and a narrator.

Now, the movie could be about anything. Think of your own mind first. What it would think of in twelve minutes. To how many places it could go back and forth to. How many eons it could cross, to how many people it could talk to, from the self to the very creator. Now that’s what the movie did, it captured the very journey of two lone spirits talking through epochs within feelings. Ballad of those spirits, tale, hymn, poetry of those spirits.

At the very beginning, it seemed like an over crossed path of two beings. A Lane that splits into difference. A lane that had once been one. As one transforms the other stays behind.

Then another thought catches up by the next stop of the train thought. And so it meets the streets of Addis, then off it goes, conversing, her. “Her” could be, his girl? His realm? Or even both. Off he goes from his seat so he could be on “Her” train of thought. To know where she came from, where she is heading, how many of his kind she has seen, “The legends, the beginners, conquerors, pioneers…” “Immortals who have been engraved in history…” by now, at the 6th minute, half way through the movie, you would think you got it all figured out and that the movie is indeed about one’s country. Till you play it further…

Again it’s the journey of one’s thought, anything could come up at any stop…just about a third stop, another thought junkie enters the mind that questions the very existence, actuality of one’s true presence. Through all kinds of fellow beings. About what was and what is, what might have changed over the stops….that spirit on its tale….goes on…about its belonging…feeling nostalgic within the generation….

Though it’s hard to put this twelve minutes yet a life time worth journey of the mind, one could simply watch and say it’s about all. From nothingness to wholeness. From self to Divinity, bygone to extant, from one to nation, distinctiveness and whatnot.

About the production team


The movie is brought to you by Eerie production. Eerie is a group of energetic and motivated youths on a path to raise standards in the already existing art forms here in Addis; it aims to create a culture in a society where values and traditions are being abandoned for western influences. Eerie plans to make short films, documentaries, graphic novels and events to teach the young generation something about their own identity whilst promoting and helping preexisting art forms achieve new heights.

Eerie, under its many ventures that includes Event Promotion also hosted the first ever Movie Themed Costume party in Addis at Garden court Bar and Restaurant on August 25. And the second Movie Themed Costume Event at Via on September 3, 2016.

Previous works include short Movies titled “Imbalance” a look into the water shortage situation in Addis Ababa, and “Yabujedi Girgir”, the first Ethiopian web series about movies through Chapters.

Ballad of the spirits was Directed and Edited by Beza Hailu Lemma, Written by Tekea Haile and Beza Hailu Lemma Starring Kirubel Atnafu and Redeat Abate and Produced by Beza Hailu Lemma, Leul Shoaferaw, Tekea Haile and Brook Asfaw.


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