AirSelfie Drone, A Dream Come True For Selfie Fanatics


AirSelfie is a Pocket Drone Designed for Taking Self Shots, Doubles as Smartphone Case.

Another day, another drone, but AirSelfie aims to tackle the pocket-sized category. In addition to doubling as a smartphone case, it boasts four propellers and a 5.0-megapixel camera designed specifically for self shots. Don’t let its size fool you, this device can fly up to 66-feet above ground, making it perfect for aerial photos and video.


Three flight modes allow you to pilot the AirSelfie with varying degrees of control. The most basic is Selfie mode, where just on-screen buttons move the drone farther away or closer to you. Selfie Motion Control mode allows you to control the drone with a virtual joystick for more flight options. Rotate the phone into landscape orientation to engage Flight mode, which turns your phone into a classic controller, giving you full freedom. Once you find the perfect spot, the AirSelfie will automatically hover.

The AirSelfie is encased with an aluminium-based shell casing that is said to bear a subtle lightweight frame while providing adequate protection to the drone from outside interference. It has overall dimensions of 67.4 by 94.5 by 10.6 millimeters, and weighs 52 grams. It is also equipped with a quad-copter mechanism, which comes with four propellers that are installed within its interior body to reduce any forthcoming minor injuries on the user’s end.

“It includes self-generated WiFi and comes with a rechargeable battery. Also, shaky footage or blurry photos are now a worry of the past due to the AirSelfie’s vibration absorber and in-flight stability system. It hosts a 4GB micro SD memory card and a full charge gets up to three minutes of flying time. Not to worry though, it’s easily rechargeable in just 30 minutes. Available now on Kickstarter and is set to retail for $300,” reports Hi Consumption.

The drone connects to iOS or Android phones via its own Wi-Fi network, where users can control it via a companion app. There are three different flight modes to choose from, with “Selfie mode” seemingly the simplest, where users only need to concern themselves with moving the drone closer for tighter shots or farther away to fit more in the frame. There are a couple of more advanced modes, one using a single virtual joystick and another simulating a classic drone controller with the phone held horizontally.

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