A Precluded Opine Through The Unverified Profession, Passion!


Commencing, from the very minimum year, 5, a person is sent to be “Educated” perhaps to learn but to discover to invent. Specially these days. People disburse half their lives or even more in school.  From 12- 20 something years. And then they get a job to apply it on. A mottled one.

There are people born with a certain ability to practice naturally without having to go through a route another one has set out. Mostly when it comes to art and creative works.

Passion is a fiddly path for the coherent, but never for the impious and desperate. Back to those who have spent years of their energy on educating themselves through altered “safe” areas, for the certifying and securing bodies,  and the approving, applauding circle, here is a piece of unverified opine.

We are living in a world of hustle. From elementary to the advancing and working years. Dying to get the best grades, best schools, best companies, and best materials to satisfy the needy character where in truth we don’t have the time to enjoy any of the things. Where passion is run over by the safety first propaganda. Where we die to live a life we are drained out to live.

I came to this point after having met a very successful contractor who runs other businesses on the side, except he never had the time to do all the things he ever wished for and so he pays it forward to those ensuing their dreams. Just like him, there are many, who devote all their years on fields they have no interest in just to acquire the safety permit, then by the time they are granted the paper for them to fit in the society, they are hoary and tired. I am not talking about age but oomph. After putting all the energy on matters that don’t matter, they fail to engender it later on to all the dreams that ever kept them awake all those nights they could have at least sleep walked through.

When asked the question “what would you be doing if you knew you weren’t going to fail?”  Many name things way far from their current positions. And when asked why they don’t follow their dreams they say “it’s not safe”. Safe as in financial safety to catch up to the advancing materialist world.

How far could safety take us?

Writers, artists and musicians are considered and delayed as backup plans, for lack of generating as much money as the certified approved spots, at first.  It makes me think maybe the most passionate things in life cost a lot before they pay off. And very few want to pay the price taking the risk. What’s the worst that could happen? Living a life of the dream.

And those who were never frightened to say no to the world pending to channel the dynamism out of them, who never bargained a second of their lives never botched in all the terms the world puts measures on.

“I think that the minute that you have a backup plan, you’ve admitted that you’re not going to succeed,” Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes.

No dream is ever too big and no dreamer ever small. We can all save ourselves from the thwarting, wearing and preying life ahead of all undesired lanes by saying no to failure and the permits society gives through nods and claps. But then again, when failure comes rolling down while you’re stepping on the stairs of your desire then it’s just another stepping stone, but if you’re on the wrong path running after the gold coated emptiness then failure is the thunder, the wave, the slide and the quake that buries one alive with the eyes still open.

With all that said, track what you’re passionate about, edify and certify yourself, pay the price, then let your hard work treat you well. You won’t fail to be safe if not a role model everyone gratifies their untraveled reveries through.

It could one day be too late to travel all back but it’s never too late to make the u-turn from where you are if you’re on the way to grant yourself the nods and claps.


“Where do I start?” most people ask before making the decision, caught in betwixt the brain and the heart. What we don’t know is that we don’t have to choose, well you start where you halt.

Another saying goes like,

“It doesn’t matter what the mind says.
It is our attention that gives it power.
Find out: who is the listener?”

~ Mooji

What are you giving your attention to, who are you listening?

Mute the approval circle for once and make that “insane and unwise” (as they call it) choice. You can make the heart and brain work together as long as you have carved a focused way for both to marvel on, what you can’t do is to start without putting a stop to whatever else holds your energy, drive, focus and  passion back.

Never let your wildest dream be some backup plan you get back to after you’re out of impulse to back it up.









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