Hailu Shawel Prominent Opposition Figure During 2005 Election Has Died


Engineer Hailu Shawul, one of Ethiopia’s promienent opposition figure and business tycoon has died, VoA Amharic has reported.Engineer Hailu Shawul has served as Chairman of the opposition the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD)  during the 2005 General election

He was also one of the founders and later leader of the All Amhara Peoples Organisation (AAPO) later All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP).

Hailu died at the age of 80 in Thailand today, where he was being hospitalized, VoA added. His illness has not been mentioned but VoA stated that Hailu did state in his recent book that he had encountered a severe spinal disease during the time of his  two years arrest by the Ethiopian government after the 2005 election. Hailu had also suffered from Diabetes.

Engineer Hailu had consulted several African leaders and his company Shawel Consulting completed significant constructions in Ethiopia and outside.

We wish to pass our condolences to the families and supporters of Hailu.

Breaking: Former Chair of Election 2005’s CUD Hailu Shawel has died: VoA

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