Vita Bite Nutrition/A Guideline For Mothers And Children


Your children’s nutrition starts with you. A healthy diet helps children grow and learn. Not many of us seem toemphasis the way we feed our children and not many could even find the appropriate guideline to children and nutrition as it is not practiced widely here. As children simply don’t know enough on their own to naturally choose to eat well we should be providing them with the right nutrition.

Now question is, where could we find such an organized nutrition program or simply a guideline?

We could search the internet all day long but that’s tiresome since the subject could be broader than what we are actually looking for.

As usual, Addis Insight brings you an easy yet helpful way to make your ways easier and on point, introducing you to Vita Bite.

Vita Bite is a guideline for mothers and children committed to providing a robust health and nutrition programs from the momentof pregnancy to the point children require our care, a program ensuring they grow up healthy. As good nutrition is the bedrock of child survival, health and development.

The guideline focuses on behavioral change optimal feeding for 1000 days. That is from pregnancy to the time a child is of 2 years old, which is to assure the mother gets all the right nutrients from the very start.

Users can find it in different forms, a mobile app, SMS and a book which is now out on the market. The mobile app is free for users and easily accessible, where in the SMS, which is in progress, one could subscribe and they will be sending texts 3 times a week for a price of 1 birr per text. The subscribers send “P” for pregnant and they will get texts on pregnancy level treatments or “0” for the first month of the baby and they will receive the same in accordance.

Vita bite book is now published, which focuses on mothers and children ways of feeding. The book is in Amharic presented in a very simple format one will not be biased.


-More than 50 recipes

-Pregnancy level self-treatment to breast feeding

-Feeding system to a child from the first time to when they are two years of age and other features.

In a long term they plan to open community kitchens so people could take trainings on nutritious feeding system and cooking. Other than that in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, they plan to provide recipes based on regions as we have a diverse culture all around as well as present the program in alternative ways to the rural areas where the materials used in the book now may not be easily available to those areas.

The book, vita Bite nutrition is now out for sale in different bookstores as Kibru, BookWorld,Jafar, Aynalem, Mega and Shewa supermarket for 150birr.


About the founders



Vita Bite started off with Melat Yosef(General Manager) and HilinaBelete (Operations Manager),They started working on the idea as they were having troubles on finding the right nutritious materials for their kids, having that encounter they started working on Vita Bite to avoid the problem not only for themselves but in a way it could reach out many families ahead along Mikias Kassahun (Graphic designer and developer) and Abebe Aberra (Content Editor).






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