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We are in a time where technology has taken over our old good habits. Time has advanced to a whole other level, and as time travel is still in theory and we can’t just spin back in there we could still find a way of accessing it. “If we can’t go back in time we sure can bring the good old times to the present.” A motto of Berhan books.

Where do you get good books to read? Do you attend book reviews, ask friends? That’s one way, but there is also another way where you can have it all right in your hands.

There are Limited number of books carried and not categorized where Buyers do not have enough time to choose from not to mention that the Price might be faked and that’s where Birhan Books come in.

Berhan Books is a Mobile App Bringing the Books to your hands in the most user friendly way anyone can access.  It lists classic and new books in accordance with the genre they fall into. Also including Details about the books like the Author, Volume, Price, printing press and review of the books so the client could have an idea of the book in advance. Users can install Berhan Books mobile application from Google Play. Once installed it automatically fetches books from the database. Users will able to see the cover picture of each book in a category and also read the first few pages of the books.


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Among the many features it has, the unique ones would be providing Local Language,Local Books, Automatic content update, a Push notification and Offline features. It also recommends one book per week in a dedicated tab which shows all information we have about the book.

Berhan Books work with local book market securing Copyright obstacles and ISBN issues alongside working through Promotion to impact.

The application is completely free for users. In the future they will start receiving orders and shipping books in collaboration with bookstores working locally and in other part of the world. Also to include e-book format of short stories in the near future.

Now that you know about Berhan Books, you can get the app and surf the books you have been keeping in your list or even try new ones after going through the reviews.

About the Developers

Berhan Books is a team of three young enthusiasts developed through the intention of keeping the book reading habit intact regardless the advancement of time. They share different backgrounds bringing variety to the team, Yafet Birhanu a Technical Director ,Kidist Getachew General Manager,And Tewodros Getachew,Technical Expert. They have also developed several mobile applications like a calendar app called Ethiopian Time Widget and a business directory app called Addis tag Places which has good acceptance with thousands of download just in few weeks.


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