Ethiopia Ushuring the Quietest New Year Ever with 17 Artists Cancelling Their Concert


After few days Ethiopia will be ushuring its new year but unlike any other times the nation is rocked by protest in most part of it’s regions especially Oromia and Amhara.The protest has resulted in the cancellation of more than 15 concerts that were scheduled for New Year eve mainly in the capital city of Addis Ababa but also abroad.

The lists of artists who made the decision to cancel their concert includes highly renowned artists like Mohammud Ahmed,Kuku Sebsibe,Hamelmal Abat. Also younger and new artists who released their album this year like that of Lij Mikael,Betty G and Berry were among the lists.

While artists like Natty Man,Yihune Belay and Mesfin Bekelle released a new single calling for more unity,prayer and solidarity among the people.

Series social media campaigns organized by Ethiopians urging artists to cancel their shows influenced many artists to make their decision.While different social media posts are still claiming artists like Jhonny Raga and Haile Roots are not accepting the call for cancellation.

The campaigns did not only targets artists but also DJ’s and Radio show hosts.Also unconfirmed reports from various sources indicated that Teddy Afro extended his album release date due to the ongoning unrest.

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