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Art has now become a universal communiqué system getting everyone together from one end to the other through a common ground. We now come across prodigious works in alliance with different ingenious arty works. On our previous section we have covered graffiti art, music and even technical inventive works. In this section we are going to introduce you to “K’abo” , interior designers for kids for various age groups.

Interior designing here in our country wasn’t that much familiar until very recently. That is to say, people never really give that much of attention and care predominantly to it and it’s just premeditated inclusively. But now, through the hard work of architects and artists the term has passed that level of “luxurious theory” to an advancement.

That’s where k’abo come in. An interior designing team for kids of various ages.

K’abo is a team of three young art fanatic individuals Sosina Tesfahun, Kaleab Berhan and Elyab Tilahun aiming to provide paintings and interior designs for the kids in every age. As having an arty surrounding matching ones desire and view helps in many ways, they simply solidify an image one have pictured just in mind, to give a home of our imaginings.

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The team has worked on various areas, including individuals to big projects as a hospital. They first started working on the area when they were taking care of a Rotaract project in renovating a hospital, “Cure Hospital”, with a state of art complex that provides modern medical and surgical care to physically disabled children. As a project they decorated the hospital with cartoons and bright colored paints so the kids to be treated in the rooms could have a jovial state of mind throughout their care. After that they took it to the next level as a team of three to provide the service to individuals seeking the package as well.

They now have extended their service to;




-offices ,in consulting designs and also taking care of the overall painting process with a fair price varying depending on the clients preference and the type of designs they do. Alongside their priced package they also volunteer for free depending on the project and its objective.

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Anyone looking for artists to help them bring the picture they have in mind to the walls of their homes can now schedule with k’abo.


About the Team

K’abo is a team of three friends Sosina Tesfahun a constructionmanagement professional, Kaleab Berhan an architect and a painter and Elyab Tilahun a lawyer helping out in painting as well as promoting the team.

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