Sheikh mohammed Hussein Delivers New Stadium Ethiopia


Ethiopia’s growing football infrastructural development has been boosted by the completion of another state of the art modern stadium in Woldia City.

The 25,000 sitting capacity stadium is named after Ethiopian born Saudi Arabian billionaire Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Almoudi who financed the massive project at a cost of about USD 25M.

Others features of the stadium:

-Covered roof, a first in Ethiopia
-Sports Complex (Swimming pools, Basketball fields, Volleyball fields, Handball fields, Ground Tennis fields)
-Two training fields and rooms enough for four teams at a time
-Two VIP areas, one with bullet proof glass
-Media room with sound proof walls
-Electronic gate entry system for maximum security
-Helicopter landing pad for emergency evacuations
-Parking space for more than 1000 cars and numerous shops

The stadium will be officially inaugurated in October this year. It will be home to Ethiopian premier league side Woldia City FC starting the new 2016/17 season.

Ethiopia also boast other two new international standards stadiums in Hawassa and Bahir Dar.

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