Indian Guy Disappeared After Exporting Opals Worth 40m


The indian individual exported opals worth around 40 million Etb from Ethiopians on the profession and disappeared without paying the money back.

The government made the exportation of gemstones legal only for Ethiopians and no foreigner has ever been licensed before. The indian individual Rafik Ahmed thus got the opals from the licensed Ethiopians and made the export but never paid the money worth the purchase.
It was questioned how The individual was able to get through the business, as proposed by Ato Teweldebirhan Abay Director at The Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoMPNG), He wasn’t involved in the exporting himself and was known that he was married to Mekdes Tadesse who has the license to export the gems whom he worked with as an associate.

Rafik Ahmed has a Record as told by the police station of Kotebe area, he was accused twice of giving bankcheck once in February in which he was charged and bailed out, again in April through which he disappeared and was on the look.

It was put that Rafik Ahmed was actively accessing the license instead of Mekdes Tadesse. Files at the ministry show that no opal has been exported since his disappearance. The minister added that the first 2,000,000$ for the opals exported was deposited and he disappeared without paying the money back to the individuals he owed.

It was observed along this situation, that there are individuals working with others licenses and are involved in illegal transactions. The Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoMPNG) Minister Ato Tolosa Shagi informed that they will be taking measures of such acts once presented with firm evidences.


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