MoST Prepares Ethiopia’s Technology Roadmap


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) said it has prepared a technology roadmap, which is the first of its kind for the country.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has prepared a ten-year National Technology and Innovation Road-map on 17 sectors that would be significant to guide decision-making in various technology investment strategies for national development.

The Ministry tabled the document for discussion with stakeholders drawn from various private and public enterprises, institutes and industries here over the weekend.

Science and Technology Minister Abiy Ahmed said : “Though history clearly shows that Ethiopia was the origin of scientific knowledge since the old stone-age era, our indigenous skills had been concealed and their recognition remained hindmost while the others’ flourish.”

Thus, the national technology road-map helps as a turning point to figure out those concealed technological knowledge and ensure and sustain the country’s rapid economic growth, he added.

The Minister also said that it is significant to base technological issues to bring back Ethiopia’s greatness. The road-map would guide to identify the differences between ways of starting to produce and boosting productivity,

State Minister Prof. Afework Kassu said that the technology road-map is a document that would play epoch-making role for the success of each and every sector such as sugar, leather, textile, agriculture and others.

The roadmap focuses on nine sectors that are believed to assist Ethiopia’s ongoing development activities, Elisa Keba, Technology Transfer and Development Director General at MoST told FBC.

The nine sectors are agriculture, agro-processing, bio-technology, textile, leather, metals, construction, information communication technology, food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, he said.

According to him, the roadmap encourages innovation and helps the country to have a sustainable economic growth.


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