Almaz Ayana Breaks The Record Lilesa Feyisa Breaks The Silence


Ethiopia’s Feyisa Lilesa wrap up Ethiopia Olympic stay with a bronze medal and a strong statement that shows solidarity to Oromo Protest.

Ethiopias’ Rio performance has been one of the weakest of all in which the country has won only 1 Gold,2 Silver and 5 Bronze.Unlike the previous Ethiopia Olympic performance the country was mocked by the performance of Ethiopian swimmer Robel Kiros a son of Ethiopia Swimming Federation.An incident that erupts series media and social media outrage regarding the athlete physical look and his family affair.

Almaz Ayana also stunned the world breaking the world 10,000 meter record that was hold by Chinese for the past 23 years. Even-though Almaz failed to bring second gold medal to her country in 5000 meter she still remain the only athlete to bring the only gold.

Ethiopia finally concludes 34th at Rio Olympic while Kenya finishes 20th winning thirteen medal in which six of them are Gold.


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