The Remaining 10/90 Condominium Houses For Rent


The remaining 10/90 condominium houses given out to winners of the 11th  round house lottery are now to be passed for rent to the people moved due to construction. 

Addis Ababa Housing Administration Agency manager Ato Shimelis Tamrat addressed that the houses reached out to all who registered except for those who stopped saving at some point.

The city administer also issued on previous situation of such matters where these people were given the chance to allocate in condominiums or the region houses whereas now those who can’t afford to pay for the saving could rent the remaining houses for a fair price.

It was reported that 18,784 people benefited from the opportunity as the priority was given for women, civil workers and the physically impaired. 12,784 people won the 10/90 and 5,095 on the 20/80 where people on the lookout for homes were prioritized in which more than 14,ooo women, 7,ooo physically impaired and 3,000 civil workers benefited from this.


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