I am more into the notion of peculiarity where the whole world is bundled within. More of versal and not national. You see, I thinks it’s “nationality” that’s setting our world apart. For we have been given an identity that later on discerned us to certainty. A certain kind of color, certain kind of name, language, music and what not an actuality to our mere existence.

Nationality may refer to the one’ness, togetherness and the pledge people craft. Yet people create among their look alike. It’s what retells our “common difference” from others. Whereas humanity is of our unique existence throughout the whole universe that might even be the one communal thing within us all. Nationality is of our roots that grew out at some point as of humanity, well that goes to all the endless core we can’t chase. This is to say we were humans first before we were identified to a certain and specific kind of humanity. And that should come first. We can even see that from how the world define each terms, “nationality” as the status of belonging to a particular nation where humanity is the quality of being human; benevolence.

The world I say is at war all because of the grounds, our identified grounds. We are so convened in our own ways all that matters is the safety of our kinds and not much of others. We are so specified that we are blinded to recognize others. By the end of the day we are all humans. After all the fight is sealed it’s the life of our fellow human beings that we are taking and all for what? Exulting the identity of others.

We are so clustered that we have taken our individual uniqueness under our national flags flying above our heads. To be taken over mass thinking.

This idea came to me as I was writing, as one day I’d like to be a writer, and I come across people asking me all around why I don’t write in my own language to represent my country. Some are even judgmental. Whereas my dream is to have been able to write in every language I could, for I intend to address individuals from all around the corner of the world and not just those I come across with every day.

What I would like to point out is, imagine for once how our world would have been if we cared more about humanity in general, would it have been so easy taking each other’s lives? Would it have meant nothing claiming superiority dusting out the dirt off our steps down our fellow beings? Would it have mattered how blackened or how lightened our skin is? Think about it. As much good all the cultures and traditions may have introduced, on the contrary think of all the unique and beautiful things we could have been introduced to if only we had learned to praise our being as beings of the same kind. Our individuality that is tied to all others through humanity. If only we could think as humans and not as some nation brought together lost in purpose.

I am an Ethiopian by birth place, skin color, language I speak and the history descended through. I wish I could have reached out to more though. Some may call this antipatriotic, but no, that’s not the point of wanting to be beyond the limits of the “self” I have been given.

Once here on Addis Insight posted an article about the black lives matter movement and how we should all be part of it. Sadly some people asked what the point was as it doesn’t really concern us and that we have enough problems in our own “circle” in here. So I realized we have an identity even through an already specified identity. We might even call it Identikit. A kit of our beliefs, our ethos, our stance and over all our whole being.

Think for once if no ground was ever set to part us up, would our ownership over this ephemeral world have mattered more than the bond we share as humans. If we could for once empty our identikit and fill it up with common sense, think how much different our world could have been.

What would we have had to fight about, if we think through the same mind?  If destroying the other meant destroying part of ourselves, if taking and stepping over the growing ones meant stealing from our own homes, could it have been all easy?

So again,

We were humans first before we were branded to a certain, unequivocal kind of humanity. And that should come first.


By-Kalkidan Getnet

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