Ethio Telecom Earns 28 Billion Birr


Ethio-telecom has earned 28 billion birr income in the concluded Ethiopian budget year.

The revenue exceeded by 7 billion birr compared to the previous year, Andualem Admasie, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ethio-telecom.

The telecom exceeded its expectation despite lowering internet tariff and internet service blockage in most Oromia and Amhara region due to ongoing unrest.It was also during these year that the telecom cut access to internet nation wide two times in just 2 month.But the revenue was earned from regular and international services, internet and sale of prepaid cards, among others.It was also this year that the telecom expressed its plan to add service rate for people who uses VOiP services.

The company plans to earn 40 billion birr this Ethiopian budget year.

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