“BUHE” Belu


Perks of being Ethiopian I may say, our identity is engraved through many traditions to impasse us all up to one, through the days that get us all together from where we have been apart.

Today, where the day started with special songs passing on the vibe of what we have once received from our ancestors, as the atmosphere changed with a spur of a moment and the day takes its wheels on reverse and we are back to our childhood once again. As Bands of small boys call at each house, singing and jostling until they are given some fresh dough (buhe,that is being prepared for baking), with their sticks and the hand-made bell like of corks to back them up as they sing, as they make up words to come together so it be a fit to our spirit,. As the evening, bonfires are lit outside each home. it’s all too beautiful.



I am talking about the season’s well celebrated holiday, “Buhe”.  Before any details to this holyday I would like to share what’s special about it. Aside its religious background, the tradition shades off all our differences. Everyone looks forward to lighting “chibo” at night, having coffee and bread, not just any bread but a special one just for these event, “mulmul”. Starting from the making of “chibo” as it is made of branches and dry leaves and materials like that tied to one, to the bread where the mothers bake love and togetherness to sweetness is what makes it so special. It invites all, from believers, others from any religion as well as  to non-believers, for on this day what matters is getting together, celebrating the good life discovered, lighting love that’s tied with the life long bond gyrating our identity and “familyship”.

000buhe 0buhe

Now we are used to this celebration that at some places, people have taken the joy past their homes to getting together and sharing it with nearby neighbors. We can see even restaurants, cafes and shops lighting “chibo” together indoor and outdoor, while the boys set their fireworks off. It’s that one of the many days we all get to get really together with everything set aside and enjoy the blessing of a good day.

This is all from the cultural view,

And from the religious view,

“Buhe” is a unique religious holiday celebrated by the Ethiopian orthodox religion followers in a very special and warm way right before Kiremt (Ethiopian rainy season) ends. According to the orthodox religion, this particular festivity commemorates the transfiguration of Jesus when he went up onto a mountain to pray with his three disciples Peter, John and James and appeared in his glorious splendor accompanied by Moses and Elijah. This particular day called “Debretabor” and named after the mountain.

Having both concepts in mind, Addis Insight team wishes you all a very happy Holiday, Go light some harmony and afire the elation of our alliance.

Watch this Video for the “Buhe Song” :


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