Gondar Open for Business After Three Day Strike


Three weeks after a protest held in Gondar and other regions, the residents of Gondar region took the protest in another form, this time as a strike where all the residents restrained from going to work.

The strike was through three days(Sunday-Tuesday) and it all went in a peaceful manner where it was more of a “silent treatment” to the government. The city was seen to be cleared of any transportation means and also the daily business trades taking place every day.

During the strike residence of Gondar  were providing food to daily laborers who were affected by the strike as a result of a city that was closed for business for three days.

This event seems to have been put in consideration and will have to wait and see what the three days have to be said about by the concerned body they are intended to pass to. As of today August 17, 2016, the city of Gondar started over where it left of before the strike took over and the business along the residents working through other areas are back on their seats once again”.

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