Focus Labs For Safe Distribution Of Music Products.


Focus Labs for secure, efficient and effective platform through reproduction, storage and Safe Distribution Of Music Products.

Technology is taking off every now and then, and so Addis Insight team as always strives to enable you to catch up with all the advancements. This week we would like to introduce to “Focus Labs” a software created to insure the copy right legality of art works in a way customers can download through a safe and beneficiary way to both the customers and the owners.

The project mainly focuses on developing digital music platform, which will simplify the task of reproducing, storing and dissemination of musical products, To reduce the unit production and distribution cost per album, To develop mechanism to enforce the copyright law and eliminate/reduce piracy and rent seeking behavior in the music industry, and To introduce transparent and accountable payment and taxation mechanism.

The payment module uses a payment mechanism that enables any customer to be able to pay without any prior registration (for a payment mechanism) from his/her phone’s credit. Initially after a user browses through the store app and requests to purchase an album, the app in the background sends an encrypted text message which contains details of requested album to a TELE registered number. TELE sends the contents of the text message to their local server. The server decrypts the contents and identifies the requested content. Then it sends a unique Identifier of the phone the requested file to the data store remote server. The remote server prepares the file for download and sends it to the requesting phone.

The transaction details will be stored in both TELE’s and their servers making the process transparent and accountable. This introduces new mechanisms to control taxation of music which previously was largely untaxed.

The security feature effectively prevents content sharing by uniquely encrypting every content downloaded. Hence a content downloaded by a certain user will not work on any other. The system securely stores the generated key for later use. At play time the app decrypts the file on demand, but will not leave any traces.

The major beneficiaries are artists and record labels as it reduces theft and piracy through its protection mechanism. In addition the government will benefit from increased tax revenue resulting from the transparent and accountable payment mechanism. As well as increased revenue from enhanced use of internet data demand generated by use of the app. The platform will enforce copy right law by preventing illegal copying, duplication and sharing of artworks by illegal service providers. This is expected to reduce piracy and rent seeking behaviors in the music industry.


About the Developers

Focus Labs is developed by a group of undergraduate students of Software Engineering from Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. Who have been working for longer than 6 months on a platform They call Gotera (iTunes for Ethiopia), under the supervision of xHUB( a local incubation center for entrepreneurs in the IT sector).

Gotera is a platform instrumental to enforce the copy right laws in the country by ensuring no music is shared or duplicated beyond purchased copy.


Contact information

Enkusellasie Wendwosen


Hiwot Bishaw


Melkamu Mitiku



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