Our World Needs A “Villain”!


BY-Kalkidan Getnet

Villain– it could be defined directly as an anti-hero desperado or a rebellion that won’t settle for the comforting lies this world feeds its people. It could be defined as the darkness that falls upon the goodness chasing after the joy of the world, involved in or devoted to wickedness. Or it could also be the one that won’t listen to the soothing music the whole world spins to. That has lived through enough hardships to accept the unfair, vicious, enclosed ways of this life.  A villain could also be the one that says no to a question asked for a yes.

Hero– could be a Protagonist, a leader, an idol or a figure the whole world counts on, admired for the courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities, one that has been brought up since occurrence for such a call. A safety mask, the right answer, the being one call away, and how most people see it. Simply the voice of the society that’s brainwashed and brain-fed with the lies. Or, it can also be the “secret-keeper”, with a consistent mask to show off, that lies better. It could be a villain that’s not as strong enough to oppose, to say no.

What do you suggest this world of our needs?

I personally think we’re over flooded with “heroes” that feed the minds of the people with lies they want to hear, faking their achievements and later on claiming and promoting their own heroic acts.

For this reason, I believe the world needs more villains that would say no, that would rescind to construct, that would engender to devour, that would wrong the rights of the world and that would right the “system”.  The world needs villains for as Damon Lindelof once said, “A wise man once said that a hero is only as good as the villain who opposes him.”

I believe a villain knows the world far better than the hero does. Why? One may ask,

Unlike the hero, the villain isn’t praised; it’s not in the good hands of the world. It’s probably located in the corners where all the mischief happens, in the darkness where all the masks are taken off, in the noise where all the lies are told. The villain lived with the society with its true colors out in the open. It is exposed to all the truth.

Where the hero, is commended and honored. So it’s only natural that it moves around the heights with the head above the clouds. It’s not as exposed to all the disquiet, forfeiture, transgressions, and deceits and anguishes as much as the villain. And what do we know? The world has been corrupted for some time now. And as it’s said above in order to save the world, we need a great villain a hero would strive to catch up to, a villain who could relate to the mischievous world, because again, As Chris Colfer once said “a villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.” It would know how to tell the story unmasked and “un’feed” the encoded mind. As it has passed through the different bars of a lie it would know how to reason with the corrupted image of the world.

The world needs no act of forgiveness to survive no more, for in forgiveness there’s a bit of acceptance, acceptance of a ruined side as it is. If we really want the world to flourish to a better existence, then we need a slayer, for good, as the lie is out there surfacing the world where the truth is buried deep down, once the surface is taken down, when the ground is shaken then the truth can be extracted and emanate to the surface. For that reason, we need a villain that could take the world down.

The difference between what the majorities see and what’s really taking place,

What kind of life is being promoted to us?

The mounting, the advanced, the fair, and the happy life we all are blessed with to enjoy. But what’s really taking place, Look away, away from the media preaching the good life. Look around and ask yourself how often you get to think about these things, like war and terrorism, religious covered attacks, fraud, deception, freedom in bars, false teachings, hatred, racism, fear, disease, hunger, crappy media, exclusion of minorities, mass shootings, ignorance, suicide, refugee problems, bullying, rape, laziness, intolerance and education problems. For you see these are the things that the “heroes” we claimed put a cover with an image of our desires on our matters and tell us it’s been handled, the “heroes” that have specialized on the matter. Heroes instead of letting it all burst forth they silence the uproar of our problems. In a world where everyone is blundered and deafened by the lies we’re being told, dancing to the music of distraction, feeding on illusion, sleeping on wishful thinking’s, we need a being that’s immune to all , that would rebel and come forward, that would unearth the false light and invite the truth in, the truth with broken light and considered as the darkness. In a world where everyone walks in the same way, we need a being that would take the road less traveled by, in a world that’s lucid dreaming, we need an outsider to give us the kick to awaken us. And who can do it better than the villain, a heroic villain perhaps.

“A wise man once said that a hero is only as good as the villain who opposes him.”

-Damon Lindelof





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