Ethiopia’s Crackdown On Oromia And Amhara Protests


The Al Jazeera team hosted a live stream “Al Jazeera stream” On the topic Ethiopia’s crackdown on Oromia and Amhara protests where four individuals were invited to talk the situation through.

The individuals were asked to discuss based on the twits around raising questions on the matter and on a point they would like to address to the society. Fitsum Birhane is a blogger from Addis Ababa, Nejat Hamza an activist of the oromo community in the US, Minnesota, Merera Gudina the Chairman of Oromo Federalist Congress and Getachew Reda the Minister of Ethiopian Communication Affairs.

The stream started off with the question, “what is important to you, the main point you would like to get over today and the audiences to hear?”

They all addressed their points through a sentence where the whole discussion follows afterwards. To give you a highlight of the replies;
Merera Gudina said, “I think the Ethiopian Regime is terrorizing its citizens and many people are being killed, detained, harassed and intimidated.”

Getachew Reda, “whatever challenge is being posed by the people in fact should be held in check. Whatever happens in the name of protest who are bent on destabilizing this country in fact is happening in the manner that destabilizes the country.”

Nejat Hamza, “I want the truth to unmerge to the international community and what we here encounter.”
The whole conversation later on heats of between the Minister and the Activists through questions raised that seem to fail to be answered directly.
For more on the matter, watch the video.

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