Addis Building Car Parks


In order to address problems of parking lots in the capital, Addis Ababa city administration is building smart and surface car parks.

The 15-storey smart car parks being built around Megenagna, near Zefmesh business center, will go operational early next Ethiopian New Year.

Three buildings, each with the capacity to accommodate 30 cars, will be erected at the area, according to Berhanu Girma, Infrastructure Head at the Addis Ababa City Transport Program Coordination Office.

The city administration is also contemplating to build similar car parks around Churchill road and in front of Grand Anwar Mosque.

In addition to the smart car parks, the construction of surface car parks, each with the capacity to accommodate 49 vehicles, is underway at various parts of the city, he added.

The construction of a concrete parking lot, which could accommodate 500 vehicles, will be commenced soon at a place commonly known as Shola Gebeya, Berhanu noted.

Addis Ababa’s new 10-year master plan requires nearly 60 car parks.

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