Court Passed Verdict On Ato Melaku Fanta And Others Case.


The federal higher court of the 15th criminal bench set verdict to charges upon Ato melaku Fanta and the other defendants.

The hearing gave the verdict after investigating the 93 charges he was convicted with stated on criminal charges 14 13 52 file number.

The previous managers of Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority, Ato Melaku Fanta, Ato GebreWeld weldegiorgis, Ato Belachew Beyene, Ato Merkneh Alemayehu, Ato Eshetu Girf, Ato Asfaw Siyum and Ato Asmelash Weldemariam were also listed on the legal proceedings file.

Giving the court to have announced the verdict in accordance with the three files in which the 93 charges were stated on, Ato Melaku Fanta, Ato GebreWeld weldegiorgis and owner of K.K. Plc Ato Ketema Kebede were mentioned along.

From the nine individuals that were suspected, owner of K.K. Plc Ato Ketema Kebede was amongst them. The prosecutor accused Ato Ketema Kebede of having enough evidence to be charged with and of creating internal connections among Ato Melaku and Ato Gebrewahed while investigation was taking place. Earlier one out of the ten witness the prosecutor had, gave his words witnessing the case.

The court gave a verdict on the hearing held for the defendants to defend back. On the file 14 13 52, the second charge stated the owner of Intercontinental Hotel Ato Simachew Kebede along Ato Melaku Fanta Imported products costing around 9 million birr without taxation and duty free due to the connection they had through commission. And the higher court again confirmed for them to defend back on the charge. It was also stated that Ato Simachew Kebede plotted secretly for his escape under the cover of the charges put on the other three defendants. In this case the first three will be defending their guilty verdict while defendant number 11 Ato Simachew kebede will be paying for the tax evasion but freed without any need to defend

At the same time, on the charge set upon tax evasion, Ato Simachew Kebede along Ato Ketema Kebede, Ato Nega G/Egziabher, Ato Getu Gelete and Ato Gebresilase, were set to defend back.

The higher court criminal bench has set a date for another hearing on October 10th 2016.

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