750 Taxi Cabs Purchased Charging Service Per Kilometer


It was confirmed that 750 taxis charging per kilometer travelled will start giving service in Addis Ababa in a month time.

Following the governments permit confirmed lately on individuals that are working on taxi cabs for duty free importing, more than 800 individuals together sealed a contract for purchasing the taxis with Lifan Motors in china.

The representatives recently informed that the 750 taxis, Lifan 530, have the capacity serving four travelers were purchased and are being imported, and also will start giving service throughout Addis Ababa within a month time with a price the government will set. The taxis have already secured insurance and a share company assuring safety has been organized, to add up to that, they are equipped with GPS alongside other advancements to follow progress.

The clients in need of the service are to call on the number to be made official soon for use as well as to report if they come across any problem. The taxis will not only be giving service to tourists but also local residents for a fair price. The 70% loan for purchasing the taxis was granted by Birhan International Bank.





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