Gondar Protest Attended By Hundred Thousands


More than hundred thousand of people from Gondar and neighboring areas attended a mass rally that was held in Gondar demanding the release of committee members of Welqait Tegede Amhara.


The rally also showed its solidarity to #Oromoprotest victims and political prisoners.Despite being denied approval to demonstrate from the city administration the people of Gondar was pouring in thousands since morning.


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These demonstration is said to be one of the largest rallies ever-since the 2005 election.During the rally religious leaders from all faith were addressing the crowed.


The Welqait Committee case reignites few weeks ago after government forces made an attempt to arrest leading member Colonel Demeke Zewdu. Who is the leading voice and figure for the struggle and remain in custody Colonel Demeke Zewdu set to appear in court tomorrow.The Gondar people highly protested any move by the government to extradite the Colonel while demanding the release of other committee members.

Gondar Protest In Pictures

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