SCCA Elected First Lady Roman Tesfaye As Chairperson.


First Lady Roman Tesfaye, A newly elect chairperson of SCCA, pledged for a hard work so that no one person would die from cancer due to lack of information or money problems.

First Lady Roman Tesfaye is elected Chairperson of Forum of African First Ladies Against Cervical, Breast and Prostate Cancer( SCCA).

In her acceptance speech, she said “this is a great responsibility and I am committed in the execution of my duties to earn the confidence placed in me”.

Roman added that she will work hard so that no one person would die from cancer just because she/he is not informed or cannot afford to be diagnosed and treated.

First Lady Roman expressed her appreciation to Madam Margaret Kenyatta for preserving the high momentum in the fight against cancer both at continental and national levels.

Outgoing Chairperson of Forum of African First Ladies, Kenyatta said “Ethiopia continues to demonstrate in word and in deeds its steadfast and unwavering commitment to inspiring Pan-African cooperation on the issues that affect our continent” pointing out “a concerted, cohesive and comprehensive effort is needed to directly combat the increase of cancer death in our continent”.


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