Abate Mekuria,King Of ‪Ethiopian Opera Passed Away!

The legend that merged together the Theatre and music to make a greater art--the opera, King of ‪Ethiopian‬ Opera Abate Mehuria

The renowned Artist, known as the King of Ethiopian opera, Abate Mekuria, a playwright, director and choreographer, who merged together the Theatre and music to make a greater art–the opera has passed away.

It was reported that he had a surgery months ago and was off to Egypt for a better treatment, nevertheless even after his return, due to “prostate gland” he had suffered much. Abate Mekuria, passed away where he was being treated at the Addis Hiwot hospital.

In memory of this legendary artist and in celebration of his great works, let us all look back to some of his praised works during his life time.

1-ሀሁ በስድት ወር (1966) (Hahu Be Sidist Wer)
2- አቦጊዳ ቀይሶ (1971) (Abogida Keyiso)
3- መልዕክተ ወዛደር (1971) (Mele’ekte Wezader)
4- የመንታ እናት (1971) (Ye Menta Enat)
5- መቅድም (1972) (Mekedim)
6- ጋሞ (1973) (Gamo)
7- ኦቴሎ (1973) (Othello)
8- ቴዎድሮስ (1973) (Tewodros)
9- ሐሙስ (1978) (Hamus)
10- አሉላ አባ ነጋ (1979) (Alula Aba Nega)
11- ያላቻ ጋብቻ (1980) ( Yale Acha Gabicha)
12- ታርቲይፍ (1980) (Tartiyef)
13- ኤዲፐስ ንጉሥ (1988) ( Edipes Negus)
14- በሐምሌ ጨረቃ ጉዞ (1996) (Be Hamle Chereka Guzo)
15- አፋጀሽኝ (2003) (Afageshign)
Among the other famous theaters, Abate organized the one on the leading role “ሊስትሮ ኦፔራ“ (Listro opera) that made it all way to Johannesburg, south Africa and won an international competition that south Africa hosted at the time.

And most of all, while he was hired at the Ethiopian broadcasting corporation in 1957, he directed a short movie on the great Ethiopian history of ADWA that more than 4,000 people along famous artist participated, which helped a lot in relieving the victorious moment of our history.

The artists that took over the stage now, live to tell what a great man he was leaving behind great deal of prosperous works they all look up to.

“If I was to name three people in Ethiopian Theater history, surely one of them would be Abate Mekuria”, said Abebe Balcha, best known for “Asnake” from the Tv series “sew lesew”

It is sad that on this day we lost a legend that nurtured the artistic ways of our country, yet it is very important to keep his works he lived to make celebrated as always.

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