Hulubet, An Event Management System.


Today, to have you updated on what’s going on around throughout the business area so that you can all take part in to run your business simply yet effectively Addis Insight presents to you Hulubet, An Event Management System.

Hulubet is a leading event management system in Ethiopia. Helps make the lives of event organizers and planners easier by modernizing the traditional processes associated with event management. With the integrated platform, planners and attendees can find events more efficiently, plan events, engage attendees, sell ticket, invite attendees, measure the impact of their events, and much more.

Considering Major issues related to events basically like:

  • How do you find events?
  • How do you get the word out for your events?
  • How do you sell ticket, invite or register attendees for your event?
  • How do you secure your ticket or entrance from duplication and fraud?
  • How do you get feedback and analytic from attendees and visitors?
  • How do you monetize your event other than selling ticket?

Hulubet is dedicated to get to the bottom of your event planning problem by using different methodologies and technologies to make your lives easy having different sub systems that individually solve the user’s burden.


Event Aggregation

It is one stop event aggregator that allows anyone around the world to post customized event page and promote their event online.

Anyone who uses Hulubet can find events based on the users interest and location and they can follow, connect with event organizers or event visitors.

Ticket selling

Anyone can use Hulubet to sell ticket, send RSVP request or send invitation, whether the user is planning a sell-out music festival or a family wedding. It has all the tools and professionals needed to stay organized, from detailed analytics to track progress in real-time to easy and secure payment.

Mobile Event app

Hulubet enhance events with a mobile experience that delivers industry leading adoption and energizes the user’s attendees to take action. The live engagement Event app provides a single interface for attendees to learn, connect, interact and share – giving them complete control over their event experience, while generating a signal-rich data stream that helps you optimize events and drive ROI.

Ticket Security

Hulubet uses high end technologies to protect and secure the users ticket and entrance from duplication and fraud. Ticket selling is one the main income for events. If you are not protecting your ticket like a diamond, your entire event planning is for nothing. By securing the ticket and entrance it can be sold prior the event day.

The whole system can be used from small scale events like family wedding to large scale events such as concert, festivals, exhibition, trade shows, conference and others. Using the system, user is guaranteed easy and great event success. For more detail visit the website


About the founder


Misikir Adane is the founder and managing director of Hulubet. He is a Computer Engineer from Bahir Dar University, before he joined Bahir Dar University he had great passion for technology and entrepreneurship. (Networking, Marketing, DIY (do it yourself) and digital Art). At university he got the theoretical knowledge and experience to work on real world. After he graduated from Bahir Dar University he was working as full stack developer in different local and international companies including sole rebels which is Ethiopia based Eco-friendly international shoe brand. And now that he has found Hulubet, the first Ethiopian online marketplace for event providing high end digital services for event organizers.

Contact information:

Misikir Adane,

Founder/Managing director




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