50 LOMI PLATFORM Aims To Bring More Insight to Your Business.


Monday, is themed business day at Addis Insight so that you can update yourselves to the upcoming/ startup platforms and products to use through the rest of the week.

How are you handling your business, regardless how big or small the reach is?. do you have trouble keeping up with the daily activities taking place? How safe and easily accessible is your business archive? And most of all how are you managing your workplace when you’re not around?

Well, today we would like to introduce to 50 lomi, a platform to share your management burden. It’s a product that’s a best way to manage and grow your business with an advanced analytics of the system.

Grounding the name 50lomi and the saying behind it about how 50 lemons, a burden for a single person but grandeur for many, the platform is all about letting “technology” share your management load so you could make easy and better decision based on that.

From our previous interview with one of the founding members Temesgen Feseha, we were able to get a brief insight about the product.

The platform started two and a half years ago with six electrical engineers. They observed the problem on products with ERP software’s which were complex yet expensive with no mobile component and limited availability. With this setback in mind they wanted to create a platform where they can deliver a product where business owners can manage their business from anywhere in a faster, less complex, easily accessible and inexpensive way.

The team has worked on many big projects and they launched their product for hotels on the African hotel show that took place on June 9-12 hotel based, the product allows the owner to see an advanced analytics, from how many people checked in all way to resource wastage. The management team may set a goal on a certain manner and the product will then show how much of it is achieved. And for the customers, they can easily check the hotel service from their room TV, allowing them for a brief access on menus and an order with just a click away, later on to check on their bill & balance.


The same product is also being used in Hospitals which has brought a great deal of better usage. This is mainly due to time management especially at the cashiers. The product provides a well set up format for registering with the calculated amount of money required and payment afterwards from ordered tests. Also for better way of documenting patient history, instead of keeping cards which takes a lot of time looking up with every patient coming some time after, it documents the history and again it’s just a click away to get their history. Another big modification brought by this system is that it notifies the doctors and nurses when test results are completed straight from the laboratory.

While introducing this project to the society, Temesgen mentioned the resistance to change by the clients’ staff as a challenge for their company at first. It seems that its hard for people to adapt to technology. And also when dealing with technology safety matters is raised, and this product is well tenable providing the users with user names passwords, so as to ensure security and accountability of each user of the system. The platform integrates with fingerprint readers, id cards and other sensors to bring even more security of the operations. They provide trial period of their product where people can try it beforehand so as to convince a client they can really benefit from it before fully committing to it. In the coming 5 years they plan to make the analytics platform answer even deeper question for their clients. Hence giving local businesses an edge when they are competing with the rest of the world.

In general, 50 lomi gives advanced statistics of past, current and the future based on the business type one applies it on. It’s suggested for greater insight through smart look up and making decisions at a glance with its customizable, based on need-malleable and ductile to fit content.

The product is so the eyes and ears to your business where you can access it from any where once installed. It’s guaranteed that you won’t miss a thing with its easy way of integration, pluggable with other system doing all regular and modern business processes.

If you are a business owner looking for a better way of managing your workplace, then 50 lomi is the right product for you sharing your load and to act on your behalf. Deploy anywhere by having the system up and run anywhere in a couple of days.

To get the product visit their website:


Contact Address:

E-Mail: hi@50lomi.com

Phone: +251-910-199598, +251-911-258865




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