Ruth B Talks To MTV


If there’s ever an example of a viral superstar, Ruth B is it. The Canadian singer-songwriter who turned 21 years old today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH! – was a burgeouning Vine star among the masses when her original song ‘Lost Boy’ took the Internet by storm.


After getting inspiration from watching an episode of Once Upon A Time, ‘Lost Boy’ was born. “When I posted the Vine it was more about Peter Pan and fairies,” she told us in our exclusive video interview, “but when I sat down to write the song I really wanted to make it more than that and give it meaning so I related it to real life and just how everyone’s been lonely at some point and in need of a friend.

“I definitely have been there so it was really easy to write it actually and it came from a really pure place.”

vine star ruth b talks the mega success of her huge hit ‘lost boy’ and more!


Just the other week she performed at the iHeartRadio MMVAs Red Carpet and her views on YouTube alone are nearing a staggering 39 MILLION – so what’s her secret?

On how she gained her online following she revealed it was by “posting stuff that I think people want to hear. I just really post what I’m feeling especially when it comes to Vine and music for a long time I just kind of posted six second original thoughts and people really gravitated towards that.”

Get to know Ruth that little bit better by watching our exclusive interview above!

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