Hurricane Lafto


If you hear a news about house being demolished during the summer the only thing that will cross your mind will be is Addis Ababa prone to Hurricane?Well if it was a week ago residence in Lafto Sub City would have said the same thing.

This week in an area Mango located in Lafto Sub City a clash erupted between the local residence and sub city administration following the city plan to demolish more than 20,000 houses tagged as illegal construction.

The confrontation started last Wednesday June 29  between the official and residence led to the death of one Woreda official and two polices.The name of the victims were Lafto Sub City Director Ato Tariku Fikre,Inspector Tesfaye Bahiru and Deputy Inspector Michael Shifraw.

Following the incident police arrested more than 200 residences according to eye witness report to local news paper Addis Admas. Most of the residence whose house were demolished were daily laborers and lower income citizens that invested their saving and bought land from farmers.

According to one local residence they stated the government passiveness in stopping the construction of the houses if they were legal in the first place. The government has allowed for water, electricity and road service to be accessible for the residence and the decision was shocking for families who invested all they have to start a family.

Same incident has occurred few month ago in area around Gerji resulting in the death of civilians.

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