Top 10 African Restaurants.


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Let’s take a moment and surf over our Africa. Of all the cultures that are now trending all around past the borders we now have the best African restaurants selling out all abroad promoting their cultural scents.


African cuisine is fast gaining momentum on the world culinary stage. From game meats from the South to the spicy dishes of the North, West and East of Africa, there is an array of tastes from the continent for the world to choose from. Below is a list of Top African restaurants in other parts of the world:

1.Waly-Fay, PARIS

The restaurant’s cuisine is mostly Senegalese, with influences from France, Portugal and North Africa. Popular foods from the menu include Accras de morue which are cod fritters that can be prepared with fish or vegetables and are served as an appetizer, Boudins creoles which are sausages also served as starters, and Thiep bou dièn, which is Senegal’s national dish that consists of rice, fish, tomato sauce, and vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and cassava. The restaurant’s other signature dish is Aloco, which consists of fried plantain chips served with fish dumplings and a citrus-tomato sauce. An array of rums and wines are also served. A recent TripAdvisor review describes the setting as modern, and the prices value for money, adding “the food is good, I have tasted for the first time ndolé beef, plantains fries and hibiscus juice. I would recommend it to friends.”
Food prices range from $5 to $23.

2. Nuria, MADRID

Restaurante Etiope Nuria is an Ethiopian restaurant in Madrid, Spain. It offers authentic Ethiopian cuisine, including Ethiopian tea and coffee, as well as an array of dishes prepared with imported food from Ethiopia. Signature dishes include the Ethiopian national dish of doro wot, which consists of stewed chicken in red pepper sauce, wot yebeg, which consists of lamb stew with spices and berbere and gomen, which is spinach with spices. The restaurant offers a signature drink called tej, which artisanal honey wine, as well as the coffee ceremony, where coffee makers dressed in traditional Ethiopian dress brew fresh coffee for customers.

3. Massai, BERLIN

Massai restaurant is an all-African food restaurant that encompasses signature dishes from across the continent such as cassava or fufu from the West, injera or berbere sauce from the East, kudu or ostrich from the South and couscous from the North. The restaurant’s specialties include the 3 course Mama African meal which consists of millet and vegetable soup, chickpea fritters and game meat such as antelope at $23, the exotic meat platter which consists of meats such as dried beef or bilitong, springbok and crocodile starting at $35, and the Massai special which consists of scampi, kudu loin, sweet potato and cassava at $27.


4. Kiza, DUBAI

Kiza is an all-African food and entertainment hub that fuses fine dining with a lounge experience. It was established in 2012 as a casual dining and entertainment brand, but quickly grew to encompass fine dining, music, fashion, art and entertainment. The flagship restaurant, which is based in Dubai, offers a pan-African themed menu that consists of a selection of popular dishes from across the continent. Dishes include the Senegalese yassa chicken, the Tanzanian Pilau which consists of spicy diced beef, the Moroccan lamb tagine and the South African boerewors, which is spiced beef sausage. Restaurant prices range from $4 to $161. The bar offers a range of premium wines and spirits, and private dining is accommodated for private dining, business off sites, product launches and small social events upon request.


5. 280 Degrees, LONDON

280 Degrees restaurant and bar is an all-encompassing authentic African experience in London, offering good food and good Afrobeat sounds that are ideal for creating an enjoyable social experience. Food lovers can enjoy the restaurant’s weekday lunchtime special at a cost of $7 which consists of jollof rice, fried rice, rice and stew served with beef or chicken. Other African cuisines on the menu include fried yam, grilled fish served with fried plantain and catfish pepper soup. Food prices range from $2 to $28.


6. Decency African Cuisine, DUBLIN

Decency African Cuisine is an African dining establishment set in the heart of Dublin city centre. The restaurant also has a lounge and bar area, and the menu consists of mainly Nigerian dishes, popularly yam, fried rice with plantain and Suya, which is roasted skewered meat. The bar serves Nigerian beers such as Star Lager at prices ranging from 6 to 8 euros. Food prices range from $11 to $16.


7. Pero Restaurant and Lounge, TORONTO

Pero restaurant is a popular Ethiopian-Eritrean restaurant in Toronto, Canada. It serves East African cuisine of both vegetarian and meat origin, and also follows the intricate tradition of coffee making which forms part of Ethiopian and Eritrean social culture. The signature flatbread, injera, is served, along with popular dishes such a beef stew with the spicy berbere sauce called tsebhi sega, and a vegetarian red lentil-based stew also with berbere sauce called tsebhi timtumo. Prices range from $7.50 to $19.


8. Mama African Restaurant, SEOUL

Mama African is a Nigerian restaurant nestled in the heart of South Korea’s capital city Seoul. The restaurant serves the best in Nigerian cuisine, including fried plantain, cassava, meat and fish curry and the popular jollof rice. Another popular dish is egwusi stew, which is a yellow curry-like stew that has some meat and fish. Food prices cost an average of $8 per plate, and menus are available in English on arrival.

9. Queen Sheba, TOKYO

Queen Sheba restaurant is Tokyo’s first specialty restaurant, and as an authentic African restaurant, it has introduced Japan to the African continent’s unique cuisine. Not only does the restaurant offer good Ethiopian cuisine, but it also hosts live African and traditional music from around the world. The restaurant serves the East African staple of injera, along with signature dishes in platters for two or more people such as doro wot, which is chicken stew cooked with a berbere spice mix, yabeg wot, which is spicy lamb stew and atakilt wot, which is a vegetable mixture of carrots, cabbages with turmeric sauce. All their dishes are served with Ethiopian coffee. Foodies can also enjoy specialty foods such as deep fried octopus and potato, a couscous salad and jolof rice, which is fried rice with spices and shrimp. Food prices range from $23 per person to $31 per person.


10. Abyssinia, Amsterdam

Abyssinia is an Eritrean restaurant located in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The restaurant was started by the owner Alem Tesfamicael and his wife in 1995. Abyssinia is the ancient name for Ethiopia. The restaurant is set up to mimic Eritrean and Ethiopian culinary culture, where customers eat with their hands in a group from a large plate of food. The restaurant serves zegni (made of beef or lamb), which is the Ethiopian national dish as well as the popular doro wot, which is a spicy chicken dish. The menu includes spicy foods such as kitfo, which is beef served with injera, tebsi, which is spicy lamb served with injera, yater wot, which is sprouted peas in sauce, coriander, goatcheese, and assa, which is Marinated fish with Abyssinian spices. The restaurant also conducts the Eritrean coffee making ceremony, where fresh coffee beans are grinded, roasted and served to customers as per the social tradition of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Food prices range between $11 and $24.









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