ADDIS RADIO mobile app: Listen To All Ethiopian Radio Stations In One Place.


One of these Techno days, we can see a lot of advancements taking place all around through every aspect of life to have a simpler way of accessing our world. Programmers all around the corner strive to take the technology reachable.  Because of the many apps developed for our mobile devises, we have been able to surf along the streams.

Addis Radio is one of the developments brought to us by mobile security solutions enthusiasts. It is a mobile app where you can listen to all Ethiopian Radio stations in one place. It’s a good way to hear news, entertainment and follow what’s happening around especially for those living abroad. The application works in both Amharic and English languages. It presents its content in clean design and uses Ethiopian terminologies. This helps people easily navigate the app and helps foreigners get the local Ethiopian context. The application works on any Android device, Android wear and even Android Auto! The application also supports notification, and will deliver breaking news and information with ease.

The app supports the following Ethiopian radio stations;

  1. Sheger FM 102.1
  2. Afro FM 105.1
  3. FM Addis 97.1
  4. Fana FM (Addis Ababa)
  5. Zami Radio
  6. EBC Radio 104.7


Going forward, Addis Radio developers are planning to add many Stations. These include much request station; Bisrat Radio. There is also a plan integrate recorded programs inside the app. Hence, users can listen to past programs without begin restricted to live broadcast.

App Download Link –

Addis Radio


About the Developer,

Sirack Hailu is a passionate Electrical Engineer interested in building mobile security solutions. Curious about Android, the inner workings and the backend power that drives applications, With the Interests towards mobile Device Management, Mobile Security, Linux and Cloud Platforms.He has been working in the mobile environment space since college.



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