First Steps Of Our Dreams; Street Art, Graffiti Ethiopia Behulum Mengistu.


What is adequate, enough to measure the qualification of our passion?

This series article is for all the people with great talent and passion in hand yet aren’t able to put it in to work for all the reasons like not having an educational background towards the specific area, or because passion and talent by itself is not safe enough to pursue a safe living. As most people give priority to having a safe background first that they could flip to incase things don’t workout as planned while following their passion, their calling.  There’s this saying, “ to do what you love or to love what you do” so again, this is for all those chasing  after what they love, and to bring others to the circle.we People these days are so caught up in the idea of being succesful in matters of having the best things, doing the things we don’t love for a better salary, draing our energy on everything for a better way of living, valuing how well customed our life looks over our peace of mind, for that, by the end of the day, it’d be too late to live.

All around the world, we have individuals who walked over  this barricade, who walked the extra mile, took the path less traveled by, who said no to the expectations of the world and said yes to their own competencies. And these are the people we all can look up to every time we’re told our passion is not strong enough to make a living.

There are areas that are belittled by the society, mostly in art section like writers,painters, photographers, producers overall artists aren’t really praised as of the other professions. Not many people would take the risk to follow the path towards those areas. And yet again, there are those who proved the society wrong.

Ask ,What’s fit enough to measure the qualification of our passion?

Some would measure it academically, and some on the degree of the desire of the heart.

Here follows a story about behulum mengistu, the first young art enthusiast  who taught himself the art of graffiti/ street art and brought the practice to ethiopia.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”

How often do we get to walk down the artistic aisel throughout our day, how often do we stop to shape our views outside the encoded mindset of the world, the calculated, the hectic one. How often do we get to take a decent walk down the boulevard of a fine art?

“How art we with art?”

“with one word, you can teach the world” , A motto the 24 year old graffiti ,aikido( one of the sixth students in ethiopia) artist and a first year computer science student at hawassa university follows, Behulum mengistu was born in shashemene city and grew up in hawassa. He  took the artistic path of life at a very young age, 13, where his passion to speak and breath art urged him to go wild on the engagements that needed to be taken. He joined the awassa youth campus so he could reconnoiter and build his talent along other youths who gather for different kinds of artistic practices.

Art is very divine and powerful by nature that drives whoever it is with a fiery desire to the very edge till it breaks out. Behulum understood this from the heart that he didn’t waste any time waiting for the practice of graffitti art to come here in Ethiopia, where it’s not at every corner we come across street just like it’s said “be the change you want to see in the world”, he taught himself the art of street arts and graffitti and organized the 1st street art and graffitti exhibition in Ethiopia, june 16 2012, at dolce vita restaurant, attended by many people people from Hawassa and Addis Ababa, covered by south television and FM radio was quite momentous that it wouldn’t be an embroidery if that day is considered to be a street art name day in Ethiopia. From that breakthrough on that alleyway of his life was actuated , through galleries,workshops,live on festivals and projects with international and local artists from other part of the world.

Changing gears, taking turns less  travelled by, circling the box and everything but formality and routine is art, a street art, graffitti, that travels through every pigsty and line rousing the fervent artistic part of the society, with the less is more notion, inviting everyone with nothing but the pure interest on the practice introduced street art graffiti Ethiopia by group of futurists, reformers, authors, designers, entrepreneurs, passionate artists, students and consultants, social change and voluntarism advocates working towards creating  artistic wakefulness to create an environment where people could practice modern art and work on their talents to develop personal and organizational merit. The visionary group didn’t stop there. They have a firm goal in bringing more aspired artists to a platform by providing trainings, mentoring and coaching.

“share the love mural art project”, a 4 month event, is one of the projects that will be run by street art graffitti ethiopia covering areas in the city of Addis Ababa and other cities in time. From city walls all way to art institutions.The project aims in reaching out to people addressing topics through art in a way it edifies and amuses along, As it has the capacity to create an understanding in the most nuteral yet vigorous way. It invites youths to take part in the project by giving them the chance to perform associating trainings in advance the actual performance. following that by the end of april and may they had workshops and big art projects with international street art and graffitti artists from kenya and france. By the end of june these visionary group will take the project to the next level with megabi skate at sheromeda where they will be going wild on the skating area encompassing the community to work along. As it all about communicating with the community through art.

Art hasn’t really been quite a priority in our city up untill these days. with the young self commenced people like Behulum taking things to the next level, taking risks , pushing limits and carving steps for others to follow. Creating the responsiveness is one thing but the crew still needs more people in taming the project to discover and promote more artists to the platform As well as sponsers to cover materials for these up  coming aspired artists to participate. To be part of  Creating possibilities.

Now at a time where art has become a language everyone is speaking through, a wheel the world is riding by and the  axis our planet whirls by, this project will allow the coming generation to take part in running the art crusade spreading the practice from one end to another till they construct the world in the mind of the walls in the beautiful city. It all started in the heart of a very fired up young boy who is now creating possibilities he taught himself to get, passing it out to many others with the interest in growing through art. Behulum is now working as a managing director for one love theater, an HIV/AIDS awareness project, aside the street art and graffitti project so that art covers every area and speaks for every issue concerning our society. For he strongly believes that street art graffitti is a potent way of sending the message that needs to be shared out with all the people. Tuning in for more to come ahead…“with one word, you can teach the world”


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