Yetnebersh Nigussie Listed Among The 10 Activists In The World Changing Disabled People


Yetnebersh Nigussie, who is the cofounder of Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) and currently working at  Light for the World, Ethiopia has been selected by global development professional networks as the one of the ten personalities that are changing the lives of disabled people around the world.

The recognition highlights the works of activists despite facing social stigma,economic exclusion and everyday physical challenges these activists were a fighter in making the voice of disabled people heard.

Through light of the world an initiative founded by Yetnebersh strives to promote and advocate for rights of people with disabilities, including inclusive education. Speaking about her experience Yetneberesh explains how challenging it was to lose her eyesight at five and being raised in a poor and rural part of Ethiopia. She didn’t only reflect the challenges she gone through but also the opportunities that come along the way

I also think it was my opportunity. I joined a special boarding school for the blind that was about 800km away from home, before joining a mainstream school when I was 11 years old”

Yetneberesh believes the world belong to all of us and all of us should be treated equally while highlighting the 99 abilities one forget to realize while having one disability.

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