Ethiopia Enters Full Scale War With Eritrea


Multiple pro government resources are reporting a heavy fight breaking in Ethiopia and Eritrea border.

According to hornaffairs heavy fighting is going on the Tsorena front of Ethiopian Eritrean border.

Also Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) reported as Eritrea launched a full-scale war on Ethiopia following UN commision Inquiry report.

Unverified SOCMINT and OSINT intelligence reports show Eritrean army has conducted a large scale ground attack against the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF).

No official statement have been issued by either Ethiopia or the Eritrean Ministry of Defense.

If verified, it’s likely Ethiopia will retaliate through both mobilization of military resources and heavy deployment of the resources at the affected area.

An escalation is likely with Ethiopia conducting counter strikes against Eritrean military positions.

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