It has been 239 years now…brought up through 45 leaders of the big world. Each shaping it to that reverie they sacrificed their childhood for. All were innate leaders, entrenched leaders.  America growing old yet led by times younger ones …relatively young of course. “Then” and “now”. The now they worked hard for then. Come all the way long breaking the barricade facing feminism, racism, refugee and so gates that has been walked through…THAT’S THEN…now it’s a free world, a new epoch, a whole other level….after chains of leaders believed to have earned their seats in the Whitehouse now America got another one, yearning for the spot. The one that got the whole world inquiring but is bricking his way up still. Donald Trump.

A 69 years old entrepreneur, businessman………but not a politician, yet who seem to relate to the people of America day by day regardless of all the moral misconducts he’s accused of to name the major. So what indubitable common ground is there between trump and America?

America then, back in the 70’ies exactly when trump took over his father’s company, exactly when he took the leadership, by the age of 17, was ruled by Richard M. Nixon, a Republican, whose presidency time was often termed as more of complex and contradictory. Nixon was believed to be more of an action man who brought a lot to the table from domestic policy like the $100 million dedication to fight cancer which moved lots, the bringing back Apollo home and preventing gender bias at school to foreign policy as in issuing the shanghai communiqué a desire for open, normalized relations as well as the anti-ballistic missile treaty that helped U.S soviet tension and bringing home the POWs from Vietnam.

Now, what was Donald trump doing by that time of the presidency .Trump joined his father’s Fred trump’s firm, Elizabeth trump and sons, by 1968 and was put in control of the organization by 1971 which later on renamed it as “the trump organization”. It was believed he thrived for leadership since childhood as an assertive child. He has reached his zenith and also went down the hill, bankrupted through the time of his leadership. So he never really had it easy. Trump was always focused on getting things done. What America by the time of the 70’ies and what trump got in common by the time is that it was a time of new beginnings and engagements for both, a time of turning points, a time of avowal and vigorous, assertive ways. That America nurtured Trump’s leadership ways he now is entailing.

How is America now?

It’s a whole different chronicle. It’s more of setting desires of beings liberated. Enforcing laws to the needs of the new generation rather than shaping the generation through the descended law. It’s a free world in order now. Running for a presidency to this new-fangled America, trump has his horde as much as blockers. Those who look back to where he has come from are those who support him believing he speaks for all Americans bringing more independents with his spot on policies. They  believe he thrives to bring the America he knew back then and that his negotiation skills, his business accomplishments, the fact that he’s not reliant on donors to name the few could be a great head start to make him a potential leader. The same people mostly support that he doesn’t have a filter and that he’s a true voice of their needs. On the others hand, there are the other face of Americans who do not believe that trump deserves the stand as a president regardless of his achievements. Why is that? Well mostly because he doesn’t embody the new face of America. He doesn’t have a stable personal life let alone to create a stable country, as well as his reputation as being racist, impulsive, a white supremacist alongside his support of an eminent domain and that he only approves of marriage between man and woman, which they say he’s taking America 50 years back.

Trump, therefore embraces the old face of America on the grounds of the new one. What do trump and America got in common?  Hard work, meticulous descending bequest, sounding  the voices of its citizens’ through his always personal motto he leads his steps with, such as focus, fail forward, thinking big, passion as power and experience.  What does trump lack? He lacks the chemistry with the new faces of America he endeavors to lead frontward, to connect and to listen, to compromise and to slacken off. That’s where all the odds roll by, the line betwixt the old and new. He once said, “Get in, get it done, get it done right, and get out.” Back from his earliest days assisting his father’s real estate business; is that what he’s doing, does he deserve a chance? That is the question.


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