Ruth B Ethiopian Descent Among 27 Contenders for Song of The Summer


In an article written at Yahoo it lists 27 contenders for song of the summer and  Ruth Berhe an Ethiopian descent who was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.

Berhe graduated from Ross Sheppard High School in 2013. She attended MacEwan University, but took time off her studies to focus on music. She continued her education in Winnipeg, Manitoba before starting her singing career.

Berhe posted her first Vine video on May 9, 2013, and started making singing Vines about a year later.Her singing Vines, typically six second covers of popular songs, helped grow her a following.

In November 2014, she posted a Vine of her singing a line that she had made up, which was inspired by the television series Once Upon a Time.It garnered around 84,000 likes within a week, which was unusual for her at the time. She took note of its popularity, with some of her followers commenting that she should make it into a full song.It became “Lost Boy”, which she posted on YouTube on January 18, 2015 and was released oniTunes on February 12, 2015.Dozens of Vine and YouTube users posted covers, which helped further its popularity and increased Berhe’s following on social media. Records labels took notice and she then signed with Columbia Records in July 2015.
Her debut EP, The Intro, was released on November 27, 2015. It has four songs including “Lost Boy”.

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