Barcamp Ethiopia One of The Must Go Event In Addis


Barcamp Ethiopia will be held for the fifth times in Addis Ababa on June 17 & 18, 2016 at Goethe Institute. The last four Barcamp events were successful and attracted a total of 1500 participants from different part of the world. As the last four Barcamp events, everyone is welcome to attend and take an active part in the preparation and realization of the Barcamp Ethiopia 2016. The theme of this year’s Barcamp is: Share your uniqueness

In a changing world, we have many environmental, cultural, and economical shifts. Barcamp Ethiopia 2016 is a platform to create dialogues in these important shifts we have as a community and individually.

As opposed to regular conferences, a Barcamp is organized and held not by organizations or a company, but by an open community of interested individuals, who gather around common topics to exchange ideas and experiences in an informal setting. Barcamp has no pre-structured program. The actual topics for the conference-sessions and discussions are collected by everyone on the morning of the first conference day. At any time the agenda can be changed and every participant is encouraged to actively contribute to the sessions. In general, Barcamp are characterized by an atmosphere of non-hierarchy, openness, sharing, creativity, efficiency and fun.

BAR = “Beyond All Recognition”. More than 500 Barcamps have been held all over the world with different thematic focus, also in several African countries. Every Barcamp is individual. To understand Barcamp, attend it and be part of an open community!

Sponsors are very welcome to help make Barcamp Ethiopia a success. By sponsoring a specific item, like food, drinks, sound system, entertainment etc., your institutions or business will be associated with a creative and forward-thinking context. We encourage you to come with your innovate way to be part of it. Most organizations test their new products and services, introduce themselves in a creative way, and host a sessions inside Barcamp.

On return, we will thank you for your sponsorship by presenting your logo on various web-based platforms, printed promotional materials, participants t-shirt and your name will mentioned in communications before, during and after the event.

Barcamp Ethiopia is a new thinking and acting in Ethiopia. Be a part of active community.

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