Ethiopia Grade 12 National Exam Cancelled


Grade 12 National Exam Cancelled which was supposed to be held from Monday up to Thursday was cancelled amid reports of exam theft. Sunday night EBC denounced the rumors of exam theft as baseless despite the exam for English and Math were posted on facebook.
Ministry of Education apologized these morning after confirming the English exam code 12 was stolen and the exam is postponed for unknown time.

The first news of the exam theft was reported and posted by Oromo activist Jawar Mohammed.Following that news circulated all over the media making it hard for the ministry of education to conduct the exam by the specified date.

As mentioned by Jawar Mohammed part of the reason for the theft of the exam has got to do with ministry of education refusal to extend the exam despite the effect of oromo students protest that has resulted in the disruption of their classes in the past four months.

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