Limalimo Among The Top Five Safari Lodges In Africa


Limalimo Lodge, Ethiopia

The jagged, gasp-worthy peaks of Ethiopia’s Unesco-listed Simien Mountains National Park are one of the country’s natural highlights. So too are the large colonies of Gelada monkey that populate it. Opened in January, the Limalimo Lodge is its newest place to stay, with just 12 guestrooms constructed in the vernacular style using rammed earth, wood and thatch. Guests can spend their days exploring the vastness of the surrounding landscape with its walia ibex, leopards and Ethiopian wolves.

Limalimo Lodge, Simien Mountains National Park, Debark, North Gondar, Ethiopia (00 251 9 3168 8062; Doubles from $200, full-board.



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    D.M. Abebe

    In Ethiopia everything ist “top” and the “best”. That is the ethiopian nature. In 1993 there was the map of Ethiopia with the top destinations. No one was the litte airport with “on of the largest shopping centers in the world”. There was maybe 5 shops. Simien Mountain, there are a nice view. But there are many places in Africa, witch are more spectacular than watching Geladas eating gras. Also 800.000 Tourists will be most on transit. Than 2100 Tourist per day and empty hotels in Lalibella fit not together. More realistic few helps to develop the country. Ethiopia is not a top tourist destination. The Danakil dessert is the no 1 place. But the Chinese take the potash from the most beautiful desert in the world.

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