Dr Woldemeskel Kostre Died at 66


Former Ethiopian athletics team head coach, Dr. Woldemeskel Kostre, has passed away at the age of 66 yesterday.He was one of the successful coaches in Ethiopia’s long distance running history.

Dr Woldemeskel served as head coach of Ethiopian national athletics team for more than two decades.In Ethiopia he belonged to the squad of young runners to the 1968 Olympic Games have prepared. Then he got the offer to study in Hungary. He returned after graduation to Ethiopia and was an assistant coach. He has to coach 1972 Olympics part in Munich. Later he went to graduate to return to Hungary. In the 1990s he was head coach of the national team. All achievements of Ethiopian runners in the 1990 to 2010 to his credit. When he n the mid-nineties for political reasons by a / Dr. Kinfe was replaced, all trained elite runners privately with him. After two years he returned to his old position. He also served as manager of 2006Sileshi Sihine . [1] After his retirement, he has an offer from Qatar accepted.

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