Sheik Mohammed Al-moudi Donated 16 Million Birr for Mekedonia


Mekedonia Home for the Elderly and Mentally Disabled announced that it has received 16 million Birr donation from the known tycoon Sheik Mohammed Ali Al-moudi in connection with the celebration of the Ethiopian Easter holiday.

Receiving the donation Home Founder and Manager Biniyam Belete said that the money would be allocated for the construction of dwelling home for elders.

According to him, Al-Moudi has been supporting Mekedonia through his organizations. The Home is using his Ambulance donation to pick up many fellow citizens from streets.

Currently, the Home is sheltering over 1,000 people and spending one million Birr monthly. As the saying goes, “Being human is enough to help human beings,” the public can help elders through labour, profession, time, suggestions and money and contribute their part for such kind humanity deed, he added.

He called on the public to continue their support especially for the construction of the Home estimated to cost 300 000 Birr. Biniyam has called on the public to visit the Home.

Representing Al-Moudi MOHA Soft Drinks Industry Manager Getachew Birbo said that the tycoon praised Mekedonia’s humanity act and would continue his support for the Home.

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