Mehari’s new album titled 790 named after their first house number a house where all started a house were they listened and also played their first music.

Music fans in Ethiopia know them for the level of quality they put into their works mainly during their concert shows. Also artists hail the band for their attention to detail, skill and expertise in every instrument they play and they are The Mehari Brothers.

Mehari Brothers journey as a music band started in 2006 when four brothers named Henok,Robel,Liwam and Halal come together to form the band. Raised from a musical family Mehari brother’s father the late Mahri Abrhawas music producer and saxophone player while their mother Atsenesh Abebe who is audio visual expert at Histanat Theater has worked as a dancer in Hager Fikir Theater.

Unlike many Ethiopian parents Mehari brother’s father was supportive of his son since they were kids. He used to tell them to about Jackson Five while asserting they can play music for their joy and others too without neglecting their education.



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