Meet Helen Kassa The Director Making Found In a Dream Movie


When we first think about the direct meaning of a dream, we all may say that it is an imaginary part of the brain that comes after we fall asleep. And from cultural or society perspective we might get different answer on how we will interpret a dream as we find a diverse section of people in the world. As an Ethiopian, who grown up with the cultural norms and tradition, a dream is a forecast about situation in which mostly an alarm for bad condition that would probably happen in someone’s life; it might hint about someone in the family might passed away, or leave apart, or might travel abroad and etc

Many of us have experienced elders from our family interpreting dream.As a child I remember when my mother telling her dreams to an old woman who used to come to our house.As a result I always wonder how they get the meaning of it.The next day as I was a curious child I asked the old women to interpret my dream and she told me that I am a dream by myself;meaning a child can’t see or forecast any situation of the future through dream.

Unexpectedly, the story of one Ethiopian lady back from Australia/Melbourne is a bit different than the usual thought of a dream and the dreamer. Thanks to the internet, I was first introduced to Helen Kassa through her new movie cast called “Found in a dream”. Helen is an artist, a writer and a director who is passionate about transforming people’s life through the dynamic act of an art. She keeps on saying that pen and paper are undetectable to her life. As an artist, creativity tends to be her responsibility.

As all great deed began with a simple act, her stimulation to a movie called “Found in a dream” starts when she first saw a scary dream for three consecutive days: “a man kissing a women in the dark through an iron gate and when the women tries to touch his hand, he pushes her away.” She became speculative about the unusual night she had and began to write the two characters. Her productive mind goes through the arrangement of her dream into a moving picture.

Helen, as one of the migrant who is residing abroad (Melbourne), she has felt the painful life and struggle African men go through as immigrant. And her movie script enlarged into the life tension of Africa-Australian young people: the struggle to win the battle through education, well paid job, relationship, marriage and the contrasting reality to stay into gabbling, the hit of loneliness, homesickness that makes them to be vulnerable for alcohol and drug addiction, in return likely to lose their life without accomplishing there talent and skill they earn.

The complete set of the movie tells about a young drug dealer life, how he will be changed when he meets with a loving lady. It prompts romance, the life values, money and the search for luxury collectively.

However, such astonishing greatness has face a challenge through budget limitations as though Australia has no large film industry, the contribution of volunteer film makers has paved a half way. In total, the movie will cost $32,400AUS and Helen as a founder of the project is ready to invest $15,400AUS of her own cash but the remaining amount of money is going to be collected through different types of funding mechanism. Hence, Helen and her crew need your kind support to make a remarkable change towards people’s life.

Not long-ago when Addis Insight promoted Helen Kassa,Found in a Dream project some comments where negative encountering her work as being not realistic and I comment back the main important thing in life is to have a dream and you may have the dream while walking or sleeping but that dream is something that keeps you awake day and night until it’s fulfilled. We will not be talking about Helen or Martin Luther King had it not been for their dream instead of discouraging dreamers we should let them dream. Also don’t forget some of the world greatest invention such Benzene and Density are the result of the attention we pay to our dream.

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