Ethio Telecom 6 Month Gross Profit Hits 10.9 Billion Birr


The first 6 months of the current fiscal year has blessed Ethiopia’s telecom monopole, Ethio Telecom, with 10.9 billion Birr gross profit. This was a 111 percent achievement of the company’s plan.

Comparing to previous year’s first six months performance, there is 33 percent increment in Ethio Telecom’s performance.

According to Abdurahim Ahmed, Corporate Communication Director at the company, Ethio Telecom has registered encouraging achievements in the realms of number of subscribers, expansion and provision of quality telecom services.

The telecom service provider’s clients have reached 43.6 million. Nevertheless, the aim was to reach 48.5 million during the first six months.

Number of cell phone subscribers and internet data users has reached 42.3 million and 12.4 million respectively, Abdurahim explained.

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