Bethlehem Abera Gronnebereg Founder of uCodeGirl Wins Bush Fellowship


Bethlehem Gronnebereg,founder and executive director of uCodeGirl has been awarded the 2016 Bush Fellowship.The fellowship comprises a 100,000 USD to support the fellows activities in their respective sector.

Inspired by the question, “how can I see more of me in the workplace?”, Bethlehem Gronneberg, Founder and Executive Director of uCodeGirl, has set out to create and foster an organically growing ecosystem of individuals, educators, clubs, organizations and the community at large. uCodeGirl is an enrichment program with a vision to increase the participation of young girls in technology careers.

Bethlehem Gronneberg, Founder and Executive Director

Bethlehem, also known as Betty, wrote her first computer instruction using a structured programming language called BASIC. The black boxy cold machine responded with blinking cursor, “Hello!”  The year was 1991 and the place was Ethiopia, eastern Africa. She was a second year college student majoring in Statistics, when she learned that she was one of the two women selected to pursue Computer Science as a minor, the country’s first ever program offer. At the time in Ethiopia, access to computers were a very rare occasion. So being awarded a unique opportunity and an exposure to write instructions to a computer on a regular basis was simply incredible. She was mesmerized and smitten.

Her lifelong love affair with the world of coding, now the global language of the future, has compelled her to start this non-profit organization, uCodeGirl, to bridge the gender disparity that exist in the technology industry.  To offer the same exposure and opportunity to young girls so their imagination can be sparked as well. So that they realize and exceed their potential aided by leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset uCodeGirl offers. So that they find innovative ways to solve real-world problems with technology.

You go girl!



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