The Rise and fall of Tiens In Ethiopia


I first came to know about the existence of Tiens after being approached by at least three of my friends at different time and their narration of Tiens seems a marketing bible phrase with no word deduction. Here is how all those three Tiens market agents preached Tiens for me.

The Tiens Bible

“Are you satisfied with the way you are leaving,you know you deserve more than 9-5 Pm work,do you think you are healthy since our body got a residue more than municipality residue track”

Then you kinda bend down to their next Tiens preach and it says like these

“You can be healthy and rich simply by joining our team and for sure you will have 200 people in your phone contacts and if you can at least convince 50 of them to join Tiens marketing under your tree then you will be at fourth star earning five gross salary………”

I wasn’t the typical guy to enjoy climbing the Tiens tree and earn some fruit but I have plenty friends who succeeded with these networking work.

Who Are the Tiens  Marketers

Even though it’s hard to box all of them under one category most of the Tiens marketers that I know were University graduates who studied Architecture, Computer Science, Business and so on. But they lost faith in the opportunity the country offers in their respective fields.

As a result they were attracted to cement their future in a shaky ground of network marketing in a country where you can’t be so sure of the government decision especially when you are many.But most of the friends who preached me four years ago were successful enough to earn five figure salary, car and travel opportunity and under their tree they were able to provide plenty opportunity for others.

Tiens Holy Pill

Well Tiens marketers were selling a Chinese traditional medicine products and their product seems like more of a holy water in a form of pill that can hill any diseases you can think. I am not sure if it is a success but I know the food drug administration gave them the green light so no complain on that aspect.At least I didn’t come across anyone who got affected by the pills.

Tiens Fall

Well as I have stated earlier it’s hard to give up all of your job prospect and education in a format like Tiens in which you have no guarantee at all if something came up.Unfortunately the revoking of Tiens license was a bomb shell to the thosands Tiens network employees who quit either their job or education and totally relied on it.

It is not clear why the government decided to shut dawn Tiens despite operating for the last 11 years as network marketing. But people should not always rely or invest all they have in platforms like Network Marketing that can’t guarantee the future direction.

Finally I would like to express my gratitude for those who were at the top of the pyramid and my sympathy for those who were on the bottom of the pyramid.But you still can dig the bottom of the pyramid before frustration and despair rubble pile up on you and find new tunnel of opportunity it might even be another Network Marketing.












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